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Shibaswap has a vision of becoming the best decentralized ecosystem on earth. Based on the three tokens which have made the shiba inu ecosystem the pinnacle of modern decentralized finance and now shibaswap.app is here to dug in their roots.

Shibaswap Exchange is to provide a safe trading environment to all of the crypto enthusiasts but all this while doing it together with our community as we foresee an exponential growth and a constantly scaling ecosystem as more people join in.

The shiba tokenomics is unique with a solid design and carefully thought and implemented technicalities is the guarantee for a viral growth to reinforce our platforms strength and provide residual benefit.
With the release of shibsw.app we fulfill the the idea of becoming a decentralized ecosystem by having our own DEX

Redefining $SHIB and assuring people that they haven’t just seen the full potential of Shiba Inu just yet as it will out-perform, outlast and outshine every crypto which tries to face it.